The Comparative Religions Studies: Part 2

There are three identifying signs that God almighty has placed for us to identify this


"I shall raise them up a Prophet like you (Moses (PBUH))"

The first sign identifying "that Prophet" is that he will be like Moses (PBUH). All the people I have asked who that Prophet is have answered "Jesus (PBUH), of course". Is Jesus (PBUH) a Prophet or a son of God? Or is he both Prophet and son of God? The most obvious likeness between Jesus (PBUH) and Moses (PBUH) is that Moses (PBUH) was a Jew and Jesus (PBUH) was a Jew.

But there are many other Prophets who came after Moses (PBUH) who were Jews, Prophets like Jeremiah, Ezekiel (peace be upon them) and others. Therefore that prophet cannot be identified by his

As a matter of fact there is much dissimilarity between Moses and Jesus (PBUT), which clearly disqualifies Jesus (PBUH) for the position of that prophet. Let us first look at the more apparent dissimilarities: According to Christians:-

1. Jesus (PBUH) is supposed to be God or Son of God, but Moses (PBUH) is not referred to as Son of God
2. Jesus (PBUH) died on the cross for their sins but Moses (PBUH) did not die on the cross for
anyone's sins.
3. Jesus (PBUH) rose from the dead but Moses (PBUH) died and never rose (he awaits the final
rising of the dead, when all mankind will rise).

These are clear dissimilarities. Dissimilarities that even a small child can identify.

There are many other less apparent, but still clear, signs that clearly distinguish Moses from Jesus (peace be upon them):

Moses (PBUH) had a father and a mother, both of whom were slaves in Egypt. Jesus (PBUH) was conceived and born miraculously, without the intervention of any man.

The Bible tells us: "Now the birth of Jesus Christ (PBUH) was on this wise: When his mother Mary was now espoused to Joseph; before they came together she was found with child of the Holy Spirit".
(Matthew 1:18)

The Gospel of Luke explained how this happened: "Then said Mary unto the Angel, 'how shall this be, seeing I know not a man?' And the Angel answered and said unto her, 'The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee'..."
(Luke 1:34-35)

The Holy Qur'an says:
"She (Mary) answered and said 'O My Lord how shall I have a son when no man has touched me.?' He (the Angel) said 'Even so, God createth what he willeth'. When he has decreed a plan, he but sayeth to It 'Be' and it is."
(Holy Quran 3:47)

It is not necessary for any "Holy Spirit" to come upon her (Mary) or any "overshadowing" to occur before the will of God can be fulfilled.

We Muslims believe in the miraculous birth of Jesus (PBUH) because God Himself tells us of this miraculous birth in the Holy Quran, as I have quoted above. We, however, separate ourselves from those who say before the will of God could be fulfilled, there had to be a "coming upon and overshadowing" of Mary and we
consider this to be an insult, for this "coming upon" is a human act.

It is an act necessary for us humans for a woman to conceive, and give birth to a child. God almighty has only to will or to want a thing to happen and it happens. The Holy Quran bears me out on this point.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born in Arabia, in the city of Mecca, on a Monday, the 12th of Rabi - ul - Awwal (3rd month of the Islamic lunar calendar), in the Year of the Elephant. He had a father and a mother.

Therefore Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is LIKE Moses (PBUH) by virtue of his birth by a father and a mother.


Moses (PBUH) married Zipporah, the daughter of Jethro, and they begot children. AND Muhammad (PBUH) married Khadija, a renowned Businesswoman, and they begot children.

Jesus (PBUH) on the other hand remained a bachelor to the end of his days on Earth. Therefore Muhammad (PBUH) is LIKE Moses (PBUH) and Jesus (PBUH) is UNLIKE Moses (PBUH).

Moses (PBUH) was accepted by the Jewish Nation as their Prophet. Jesus (PBUH) was denied by his people to the very end; he is still not accepted to this day.

"He came unto his own and his own received him not"
(John 1:11)

Therefore Muhammad (PBUH) is LIKE Moses (PBUH) and Jesus (PBUH) is UNLIKE Moses (PBUH).

Those who have read History books will question me on the battles fought by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is a well-known fact that the Jews revolted against Moses (PBUH) on a number of occasions; but, nonetheless, he was accepted by the Jewish nation as a messenger of God.

The Arabs, as well, fought many battles against Muhammad (PBUH) during the early years of his Prophethood. After thirteen years of preaching in Mecca he was forced to migrate to Medina with his followers. However, after all the fighting the Arabs ended up accepting him as a messenger of God and he
was accepted by the whole of the Arabian world. Today he is accepted by millions all over the world as the last messenger of Allah.

Besides being prophets, both Moses and Muhammad (PBUT) had power to legislate and powers to enforce their laws. If you read the Bible (Numbers 15:32) you will read about a man who was found gathering wood on the Sabbath day and Moses (PBUH) ordered that he should be punished. Many such incidents are recorded about Moses (PBUH) in the Bible.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had such powers as well. Many incidents are recorded about justice being implemented on his command. In the Bible we read about many prophets who were given the gift of Prophethood by God, but all these prophets did not have powers to make and enforce their laws.

Among these prophets we can mention the Prophets Hezekiel, Lot, Daniel, Ezra and Jesus (peace be upon them). None of these Prophets made any laws and Jesus (PBUH) is heard saying:

"My Kingdom is not of this world, if my Kingdom was of this world my servants would fight that I should not be delivered by the Jews..."
(John 18:36)

It becomes clear, again, that therefore Muhammad (PBUH) is LIKE Moses (PBUH) and Jesus (PBUH) is UNLIKE Moses (PBUH).

Besides the Ten Commandments, which the Lord God gave to Moses (PBUH) for the guidance of the children of Israel, there are many other laws that were made by Moses (PBUH). As a messenger of God he always sought Guidance from God and the laws he made were given to him by God.

Among the laws promulgated by Moses (PBUH) we find laws relating to what should be done if a body of an unknown person is found in the land (Deuteronomy 21); punishment for adultery and women prisoners of war (Deuteronomy 21:10-13) and many other laws.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also promulgated laws that were observed and followed by the Muslims, which are still observed and followed and which will be observed and followed until the end of the world Insha - Allah (God willing).

He was born in a land steeped in barbarism and ignorance and he promulgated laws to extricate the whole of the Arabian Nation from iniquity and barbarism. Arabs in those days were steeped in drunkenness, gambling, adultery and idolatry. For example, a man would marry his dead father's wife (his step - mother).

Also, they buried their newborn baby daughters alive. By his laws, Muhammad (PBUH) extricated the Arabs from their bespeakable, barbarism and moulded them into one of the most respected nations in the world. Within a century Arabia became a well-known and respected land. The light of civilization shone like a torch in Arabia for the whole world to see.

Jesus (PBUH) declared that he had not come to change any laws. The Jews were fearful that Jesus (PBUH) had come to add to the laws of Moses (PBUH). He says to them:

"Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets:
I am come not to destroy but to build."
(Matthew 5:17)

Indeed Jesus (PBUH) did not make or change any law right up to the day of his departure from this world. Again, this proves that Muhammad (PBUH) is LIKE Moses (PBUH) and Jesus (PBUH) is UNLIKE Moses (PBUH).

Moses (PBUH) died at the age of one hundred and twenty years. The Bible tells us that at the time of his death his eyes were not dim, nor natural force abated. (Deuteronomy 34:7-8).

Although it is not clearly stated, it would appear that he died and was buried at a place called Moab. For the

Bible states: "And the children of Israel wept for Moses (PBUH) in the plains of Moab thirty days." (Deuteronomy 34:8)

Muhammad (PBUH) died at the age of sixty-three years and was laid to rest in Medina. Therefore, both Moses and Muhammad (peace be upon them) died natural deaths.

Christians, however, believe that Jesus (PBUH) was crucified and died on the cross. They believe that he was buried and rose from the dead.

Therefore Muhammad (PBUH) is LIKE Moses (PBUH) and Jesus (PBUH) is UNLIKE Moses (PBUH).

LASTLY, both Moses (PBUH) and Muhammad (PBUH) were laid to rest in their graves, and will be lying in their graves until the day of resurrection. Jesus (PBUH), on the other hand, was taken up to Heaven and will return to this world before the end of the world to complete his human life, when he will rule the world from Jerusalem.

Among all the prophets of God (peace be upon them all) there is not a single prophet like Moses (PBUH) besides Muhammad (PBUH).

Now, having covered one identifying sign I will follow up by explaining the second sign; for God gave three signs by which to identify the prophet spoken about in Deuteronomy 18 verse 18.

To be continued…

(penulis tamu: Bro Marhaein)


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